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Why have prints?

This shoot is your visual reminder of your beauty. It will be created to have a purpose to look at them everytime you feel low, when you need to remind how beautiful you are, so you feel beautiful inside.

Digitals always stay hidden, some may be lost due to disks failure, or you forget where you saved them.

Prints, especially frames, help to show your portraits we created to look at.

We live in the world of screens, prints have totally different feel and perception than screen. It is physically there for you to value.

I have so many photographs on my computer, but I still didn't print them. It's just hard to find time to search for printing companies, not knowing what quality we will get. Then need to think what do I want to print and how, it's just overwhelming.

I love looking at my old album from childhood, way before we had digital camera. I wish I've had more pics in prints. I'm dreaming of the whole wall of photoframes with all our memories and adventures. Wouldn't that be nice?

How often do you put something away for years and years just because it involves a bunch of research and time to put in? I found that a lot of my clients who didn't opt in for prints never actually printed them anyway, because I didn't do it for them. So I'm here to take that headache away and do printing for you. I have a connection to professional printing company (don't even think of going to Warehouse Stationery). It will be all done with high quality for you to preserve your memories in a way they should be preserved.

You can watch as you and your family grow. You can appreciate it as art work. One day your family will own it after you long gone. Exist in photographs!

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