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Photoshoot Locations p1 - Forest

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

We are very lucky to have plenty of amazing locations here in New Zealand.

I'm based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty at the moment and here we have locations for every occasion. It is your decision what mood and style of photoshoot you are looking for.

Forest Nymph

Do you enjoy cool shades of trees? Do you admire their majestic trunk and brunches? Then forest location is for you.

We have beautiful spots near Tauranga:

McLaren Falls - one of the most popular, it has trees and lake. And it looks absolutely stunning in Autumn.

Mount Drury (Hopukiore) - great location if you want to combine beach and forest look. It is right across the road from the beach.

Giant Pohutukawa Tree on Pitau Rd (Mount Maunganui) - another location that can be used on the way to the beach if you want to combine both beach and forest looks.

Ohauiti Reserve - not far from my studio and can be combined with beach shoot as it is on the way. Offers tropical forest with some streams.

Welcome Bay - reserve with plenty of forest looks, including autumn colours in April-May.

Yatton Park - small foresty park, enough for short family shoot.

Redwoods Forest in Rotorua - if you want magical forest with ferns and bright brown tree trunks - we can travel to Rotorua (travel fee may apply).

In next blog post you can see other locations and themes for your beautiful photoshoot.

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