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Indoor creative shoot

Few weeks ago we had beautiful shoot with multiple looks and scenes, and all in one wedding indoor location @ebonyvinesvenue

I used thee Jopanni Bridal gowns - beige, white and green. And one of my red dresses.

Dresses choice was according to the venue and different sets. I instantly decided to use green dress on green couch.

Beige dress would look really nice with candles and cages, I thought. And red just added more colour contrast to white, beige and green colours of bar.

Kelly from @handpicked3110 prepared beautiful flower arrangements,

Frith @frithmakeupartist done stunning makeup and hair on my model @carmelcarter_

She looked absolutely gorgeous in @jopannibridal dresses

Thanks to @elouise_van_artattack for behind the scenes videos

BTS videos on youtube - Green dress.

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