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Tips on how to get the best experience with your photographer

Updated: Jan 22

If you are planning to have a photoshoot for you or your family, check out these tips on how to get the best experience with your photographer.

"Photographer is a professional, he/she will make me look stunning/can fix my dress/hair/tan...." - many people think that photographer is a magician who can transform "toyota vitz into ferrari". Well, we are mighty, but there is a limit to our magical powers.

More manipulations we do in post-processing trying to fix wrinkled clothes, messy hair or anything else - less natural photo looks, plus not everything is fixable, and most of the stuff is job for retoucher, not photographer. I can tell you, many photographers don't even know how to use Photoshop, they do editing in LightRoom, which limits retouching magic even more.

🌟So, first tip would be - make sure everything is perfect in reality! Don't rely on photographer to fix things. Make sure you iron your clothes, do nails, make your hair and makeup the way you want it to be on the photo. Bring extra clothes for baby to change. Always think that there is no retouching will be done afterwards. In that way, you won't be disappointed when you receive your images - retouched or not-retouched

🌟Be specific - if you have something in mind for your shoot - share it as early as possible, so the photographer can think about it and plan ahead how to implement your idea

🌟Be flexible - all photographers will tell you that the best time for outdoor shoot is evening - make sure you free up your time and make an exemption even if most of your evenings are busy, or for example your kids sleep early. Trust me, the result depends on the lighting. Plus outdoor shoots rely on weather and might be rescheduled.

🌟Be honest - if you feel the shoot isn't going the way you expected - let the photographer know. Ask to see images on camera - it's better to change things straight away than receive disappointing images

🌟 Come 10 mins earlier appointed time - you never know what can happen on your way - heavy traffic, hard to find parking. If you are late - it is your time stolen from the shoot and you will have to rush through the session

🌟Ask the photographer or google what is the best to wear for a shoot, what makeup to do. There is normally a guide what looks better on a photo

🌟Try to free up your mind from any troubles or negative thoughts you are having before the shoot. Being in front of a camera is frightening itself, it is better to set your mind in a positive mood to look natural on a photo

I hope you like my tips, let me know in the comments what else you could add to it😄

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