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Why you should be photographed?

Updated: Jan 22

The reasons why you should be photographed are always different for each woman. Mostly you should get your beautiful photos taken to celebrate YOU🌟​​​​​​​​

YOU ARE UNIQUE. No one in the whole world is exactly like you, no one has exact same thoughts, ideas, feelings, looks... So why don't you honour yourself and celebrate you with something special, made just for you?​​​​​​​​

Images are a way to create memories to cherish, to feel confident, uplifted, empowered. Get out of your comfort zone and be a goddess for a day! This is once in a lifetime experience.​​​​​​​​

How often do you see yourself? Do you usually like what you see?

What we see shapes our perception of ourselves. Photoshoot will change the way you see yourself. You can look at these images every time you feel low, when you need to remind how beautiful you are, so you feel beautiful inside.

Digitals always stay hidden, some may be lost due to disk failure, or you forget where you saved them. We live in the world of screens, prints have totally different feel. It is physically there for you to value, to shape your self-perception.

You see yourself beautiful, empowered, confident. And soon you become what you see.

I created these images for April so she can look, see and experience her own beauty in a way others see her.

She will be able to look at her beautiful portraits and say "I honor the woman I am now, I love my body, I love myself, I celebrate my beauty, I celebrate who I am and I am worth it."

Looking at these in next 10 years she will think about how beautiful she felt that day, when she finally allowed herself to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

This is a visual gift for her that will be a reminder of her beauty, every time she would feel low confidence, she can look at them and return to the state when she felt most beautiful.

It’s not even about her now, its about her kids, who will have these images in 30 years to look at and think “This is my beautiful mother in her 30s, she is so gorgeous, I am proud of her giving me life”

Let me create a visual that will be a reminder to you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE WORTH IT. I would love to show you how others could see you.

Photoshoot is all about growing self-confidence, self-love, self-value, and it is celebration of you. When you see your beautiful portraits it will change the way you see yourself.

My mission is to help someone who wants to feel better about themselves, someone who is hiding from camera, who doesn't post any pictures of themselves because no one took their good picture. When they see their beautiful portraits it will change the way they see themselves.

If you know anyone who will benefit from having beautiful portrait of themselves, send them to me🌷

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