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What kind of woman you've always wanted to be?

Mystical, Sexy, Charming, Feminine?
I can help you create visual of you as this woman you’ve always dreamed of being, and
we could print this image on a big canvas or frame and you put it in your house,
so you could see it everyday and return to this state of empowerment, and femininity.

I’m not just photographing,
I create a piece of art that feels like magic when you look at it.

When you see your gorgeous portraits you will look at yourself differently.

ting booking between 16 Oct and 9 Nov 2023.


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Hi, I'm Karolina!

I create timeless artistic images out of this world. 

My visual photography can help you to perceive yourself differently.

I work with colours, which all have different emotional effect on us.

My job is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, so I help you pose all the way through, to photograph you in the best way. I would love to show you how others could see you.

I've photographed hundreds of women making them look and feel beautiful and empowered. 

I invite you to photosession with me to re-discover yourself and feel beautiful!

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PPA award

I want to take the best photographs you have ever seen of yourself!


Styling Consultation

We will meet in person or on zoom for us to connect and discuss how you would like to be photographed, so this is an unforgettable experience for you. You will have access to my wardrobe and I will also coach you on what to wear and bring to your shoot so you don't have to stress about looking your best. We will have time to change 2-3 outfits during your shoot.


On the day of your shoot you will come to my studio ready to be pampered. My makeup artist will make you look absolutely stunning. Then we shoot either in studio or go to location. Overall we spend together 4-5h.


Don't worry if you don't know how to pose, I will direct you so you look relaxed, beautiful, and confident. My superpower is turning women into goddesses through expert direction, lighting, styling, and posing.

Remember to plan a night out that day, because you will look gorgeous!

Viewing and order appointment

About 10-14 days after your shoot we will have a call in zoom to see all your most beautiful portraits, selected and fully retouched. This is when you will decide what you want to purchase. You buy only what you love. My job is to take the most amazing portraits you have ever seen of yourself, so you want to have them all.


Makeover Portrait Session packages vary from $850 to  $2900.

All packages include consultation, makeup and hair, photoshoot, 

access to dress collection and props, retouching of images, viewing appointment, and digital images.

Business and Family Portraits start at $150.

Accepting bookings between 16 Oct and 9 Nov 2023.