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Elopements, Pre-wedding Photography

I can create your perfect artistry portraits to be proudly framed and put on the wall to cherish this amazing moment for the rest of your life.

Pre-wedding session designed to choose perfect location and lighting and create your portraits in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere, which is hard to achieve on the wedding day. Pre-wedding session can be before or after your actual wedding day.

Elopement is perfect for a small intimate ceremony at a scenic spot to celebrate your love with close family only. 

Tips for your perfect images

•    Avoid the crowd.  If you planning to capture your wedding images at a popular spot, it is better to elope on a weekday
•   Choose the best time for better lighting. I can help you with that. If you would like your images to be perfect, avoid planning your session at midday. The best time for better lighting is evening 1h before sunset.

•    Allow travel and set up a time

•    It is your special day, think about what you really like and enjoy and do it. It doesn't matter what is mainstream these days or what someone suggests to you. Do what you feel like doing! These memories wil be with you forever.

Printing is the way to cherish your amazing portraits. Don't let it dust on your hard disk.
Let the world see it!