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Photoshoot Locations p2

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

This is second part of blog post about locations. I discussed forest locations in part 1.

This blog will cover the rest of outdoor locations available near Tauranga.

Sea Goddess

beach photo shoot

Beach location is also very popular if you like light colour palettes, as light blue and beige of the beach scene goes well with similar tone colours.

Mount Maunganui Main Beach

Offers not just sand and water, but also some rocky shore for more scenic photographs.

Leisure Island

Also has some rocky terrain, and if you want to have sunset scene looking at the mount it's best location. Plus if you want to walk up the island there is beautiful view of the ocean.

This location can be combined with forest scene that is just across the road.

Papamoa Beach

Good location for a flat beach scene, plus some field vibes.

Architecture, gardens

If you are looking for something unusual and not really nature scene, this might be for you.

Hamilton Gardens (in Hamilton, Waikato)

Beautiful structures of different themes and seasonal flowers.

Tauranga Historic Village


McLaren waterfall

This location is on the way to McLaren Falls Park, a short walk on top of boulders to access it (it has tripping hazards).

Kaiate Falls

Very near to Tauranga, short steep walk.


Small but beautiful location right in the heart of the city (a bit of a walk).

Indoor wedding venue

If you are into some fashion style shoots, indoor venues can offer a lot of scenes.

Field in Bethlehem

Beautiful park with open fields and lakes.

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