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Moved to Australia

Sad and excited at the same time I would like to announce that me and my business are moving to Melbourne in November 2023 ✈️

It's been so fast I can't believe it. The moment my partner got a job, we started to prepare our house for sale and we got an offer after the first viewing. Insane!🤪

Can't believe it's happening, but this is a decision we had to make. I am grateful to all my clients for their support over the years. Sorry to disappoint some of my followers who wanted a photoshoot, but didn't get the chance yet. I will be waiting for you in Melbourne💜

I've created so many amazing images of beautiful people and places of New Zealand over the last 3 years. It was a true blessing to be a photographer in such an inspiring place! Thank you New Zealand🙏

Now it's time to create some beauty for Australia!

Melbourne, here I come!

You are always welcome to hit me up if you ever be there! I will miss you all!

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