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Mother's Day Photoshoot

Updated: Jan 22

Letter to a Mother

She gave me life. She nourished me. She taught me so many things. I adored her. She was the most important person in my life. She was my whole world. She knew everything. She was the smartest, the kindest, the prettiest. Because she was the first woman I knew. She was the first friend I had.

mother's day photoshoot

For the last 15-20 years she gave everything to her kids, she sacrificed, and she put herself at last. She hardly had time to take care of herself, because she was too busy taking care of me.

It's finally her time to do something for herself, something that makes her feel like a desirable beautiful woman she truly is. So it is my duty to give her this gift of rediscovering herself, reminding her of her beauty.

She is not just a mother or wife, she is also a woman, who deserves to be celebrated, she is no worse than all those celebrities who have glamourous events, photoshoots, and wear fancy dresses on cover of magazine.

So why don't I gift my mother a chance to wear a beautiful dress and shine for a day? I know she would feel so amazing!

I love her and I want her to feel as special as she is to me.

I don't care about her age, I don't care about her weight. She will always be the most special person in my life. She would love me no more and no less regardless of her weight or age.

Now she has this to look at and see who she truly is, who she can be.

Mother's Day Photoshoot is a great gift for your mother. If you are mother yourself - gift your kids portraits of their mother.


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