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Gorgeous Abby at Hamilton Gardens🌷

Abby came to me to celebrate her personal achievement and have something to look forward to once she achieves her goal. If you are on a journey of transformation, physical or mental, have a treat for yourself to look forward to⭐

"I’ve been struggling with weight loss and this year depression and anxiety brought me to my lowest. As the months went by I had to stop feeling sorry for myself and pull myself together. I needed a breakthrough. I started looking after myself, my mental and physical health, and started my weight loss journey slowly changing my eating habits and working out. I’ve lost 12kg so far and I’m still halfway to my ideal weight. Losing weight really helped me get a hold of my depression and anxiety.

When I started my journey, I promise myself that, if I succeed, I will gift myself a Photoshoot. I hate taking photo of myself before and never had a proper photo so this will be a great gift to celebrate my weight loss. So when I saw your work, I know that this is what I want to do."

Thank you Abby for sharing your story with us, I hope these images will be a treasure for you to look at and remind yourself how gorgeous you are!!

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