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Creative Portraiture Workshop

I ran a 2-day workshop for PSNZ (Photographic Society of NZ) here in Tauranga in October 2022.

It was meant to be a goddess shoot at magnificent McLaren Falls, but of course, everything went not according to plan.

It was poooooouring rain that day. People who attend the workshop came from all over the country (even from South Island), so we had to change the venue to indoors and do a studio shoot.

Couple of hours before we start my model had an emergency, so we had to find someone else. Thanks to Elisha for stepping in, it was her first modeling experience ever! But she did so well :)

Thank you, Frith for bringing Elisha and making her look gorgeous.

We photographers have to be flexible, especially when we shoot outdoors, you never know what weather brings you. So despite unfortunates, we had a great 2 days of workshop, learning and connecting.

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Jan 26, 2023

Check out an article about the workshop at PSNZ.

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