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Family outfit guidance 

For the best result of your session it's important for you to think thoroughly your family outfit for the photoshoot.

  • It's best if all family members wearing the same style clothes - all casual, or all elegant, all long sleeves or all summery outfits

  • Colours should be matching - it's best to have 2 main colours and it's shades in balance among all family members

  • It is best to match your colour palette with the environment. If you are planning photoshoot at the beach, it is the best to select beige, light blue, white, olive, yellow, pastel shades. If you are planning autumn photoshoot  - match your cloth with autumn colours of trees at the location, and so on

  • When in doubt select one patterned outfit for a single person in the family and then pull colours from that pattern to dress everyone else in solid colors to coordinate.

  • For outdoor photography with natural lighting it's best to wear light and plain soft colours. No big prints or writings, as it distracts from the main on the photograph - people

  • It is best not to wear black colour in photoshoot outfits, as this colour absorbs all light and looks flat on the photograph

  • Even if you don't have anything in your wardrobe, I recommend buying matching colour (even plain white) tops (from kmart for example) and wearing jeans of the same colour at the bottom.

  • Please iron the clothes. PS is almighty, but the more manipulations I do, the less natural image will look. Besides, I would invest my time into something more productive, rather than fixing things we could easily fix in reality. Good image comes from good preparation of raw material, editing only enhances it, but can't create orchids out of daisies, if you know what I mean.

good example of outfits

What is not the best for family sessions:

  • Wearing different colours (more than 2)

  • Fabrics with bright patterns or prints that create distractions from a person.

Below are images from internet of not the best outfits examples:

Bad example of outfits

If you follow this guidance the result of your session will be amazing and your money will be well spent, so you could proudly display your images at your home.

Below some examples of colours combinations for family outdoor session.

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