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Mother  & Daughter

Tell your daughters how you love your body. 
Tell them how they must love theirs.

                                                                                           Nikita Gill

 Give your daughters a lesson that if their mom is worth being seen at any age, so do they.

It’s not even about you now, it's about your daughters, who will have these images in 30 years to look at and think
“This is my beautiful mother at her 30s, 40s, and this is me and her together at that time.“

It's about your great grandkids, who will have these images to place on their ancestors wall.

I create portraits for you to gift to your family to treasure when you are no longer around. So they and their children have your gorgeous portraits to look at in 30-50 years.


You can bring your husband at the end of the session for a group family photo.

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family shoot
mother and daughter shoot
family photo shoot
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mother and daughter shoot
mother's day photo shoot
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