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A present that changed everything

Hi, I'm Karolina from Russia. I've moved to New Zealand 5 years ago.

I've been studying and working in Civil Engineering for 11 years, but I felt it's not what I am passionate about shortly after I graduated. Although different circumstances kept me going with engineering for a while, I kept on looking to the other side.

I always thought my mind was more technical than creative. It was fun studying, as we had chances to use our creativity for different designs. But office life didn’t meet my expectations, we had to follow codes and use standard structures, as it is cheaper than developing new designs. My creativity was imprisoned within the technical cell.

I thought that was my destiny, I can’t do anything else, so stick to it. I had a decent income and we planned our lives and annual leaves for years in advance. 

Then a lockdown happened. All plans were crashed. We stayed at home for over a month. That time I tasted the happiness of freedom working from home. I started to think of a way to change my lifestyle and do my own thing. 
I was tired of pretending to work even if we don’t have work. I was tired of reporting to everyone what I was up to. I was tired of giving most of my life to someone else and not being appreciated enough for it. I was tired that I had only 4 weeks of annual leaves and no chance of asking for more. I mean that's nearly enough to visit my family on the other side of the world. What about travelling? I just felt I was trapped in a corporate net, where no one would notice if I leave, they will just replace me and go on. I wanted more, I wanted to be a person others admire. I wanted to contribute to the world and let them know my name and who I am. That moment I realised I have to do it, it is now or never. So I just wanted to figure out what it is I should do.
I’ve never thought I could be a photographer. I followed many, and I admired their lifestyle. But I thought I didn't have vision, I forgot that I had imagination. But my partner made me think about it, he gave me a camera for my birthday and told me I should try to be a professional photographer, he loved my photos. Plus I already knew the basics of Photoshop from school lessons.


I’ve been inspired by many photographers I followed for a long time, seeing the joy and energy they get from each client, the freedom of working for themselves, opportunities to travel, and meeting people. I wanted to feel the same every day. But I never saw myself doing it, I thought photographer have to have talent, which I don’t. But later one photographer told me that you can develop a talent, it’s all a matter of practice. The phrase was going around my mind all the time: “If you try you have two options – it will work out or it won't work out. But if you don’t try – there is only one option.”

At that moment I came across an advertisement of one successful photographer from Russia and her amazing course. Her energy just sparkled hope in my heart. Hope that if she could do it from scratch, why can’t I? I purchased her course. And that was the best decision. She opened up my eyes to the creative world, taught me the technical part of cameras and other equipment, and gave me good starting tips and tools for my career.

I’ve decided to give up my engineer career and pursue professional portrait photography in September 2020. And I started to practice Fine Art Portraits in November 2020.

I absolutely fell in love with the opportunities and creativity that the photography world brings. I finally get to use my imagination, develop my creativity and proudly look back and say: “I did it and I did it well”. Sense of accomplishment gives me confidence and makes that feeling of wasted life disappear. Now I have a chance of escaping reality into my imaginary world but use it for good.

I connect with this quote:

"A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist." by Louis Nizer

Fine Art Photography just like art demands a hard work with all three - my brain to create an idea, my hands to implement it, my heart to connect with it and let inspiration in.

Let's capture your precious moments!

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