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Your Photographic Artist

Karolina Ferbei is Russian born in Kazakhstan. Karolina's been living in New Zealand since 2017.

Former Civil Engineer, Karolina has decided to devote her time to creating artistic images of women, helping them to believe in their beauty, restoring lost confidence and empowerment. 

Karolina has photographed hundreds of women making them look and feel beautiful. 

Karolina's work was published in multiple international and NZ magazines, and won NZ and international photographic awards.

"Growing up very shy girl with a lack of confidence, I understand, how difficult it might be to believe in your own beauty and gain confidence that you are worthy for people to admire and respect you. I wish I had been given this opportunity to experience a total makeover to discover and show my true beauty at early age.

But it's never too late to feel that empowerment and boost of confidence. And I am giving this opportunity to you! Take this chance to have amazing experience of re-discovering yourself and feel special again!"



"When I was 21 I've had a professional photoshoot in my hometown. I did that to capture me in my place I loved the most. I knew I would change, I would never be 21 again. I wanted to capture this. I knew I would move away from my hometown. I didn't know when I will be back. I wanted to capture that.
Memory will be everything we have one day. I wanted those memories to be strong, vivid. I wanted them to be perfect.


Karolina is giving you a chance to finally have beautiful photographs of yourself to treasure for life!

"A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist."

 Louis Nizer

Fine Art Photography just like art demands hard work with all three - brain to create an idea, hands to implement it, and heart to connect with it and let inspiration in.

When were you last time photographed and truly liked it?



Awards for photographic competitions show that photographer's work is appreciated by other professionals in the industry. 
Publication is a sign of photographer having the vision recognised by fashion and photography influencers.



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