What can be a sign of a great photographer? - Recognition.
Awards for photographic competitions show that photographer's work is appreciated by other professionals in the industry. 
Publication is a sign of photographer having the vision recognised by fashion and photography influencers.


award winning photographer
award winning photographer
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Workshops are currently postponed until next year. 

PSNZ bringing to their members one of my workshops later this year.

This will be the only workshop run by me this year. See the link below.

If you would like to come to my photoshoot, assist and learn, or photograph set up prepared by me, for your portfolio, please contact me for details.

Expressions of interest for future workshops accepted via email

Only one workshop this year in Oct 2022, organized by PSNZ. Members only.

Past workshop in 2021



 Who is this workshop for?

It is for photographers who know how to use manual mode and want to upgrade their skills. You don’t have to be professional, you don’t have to be in portrait photography field. 

You don’t have to have an advanced full frame sensor camera, any camera with manual mode will do. I actually started with a crop sensor camera and kit lens. For learning it doesn’t matter what equipment you have. Even a kit lens is ok. You can create nice images even with a cheap camera and lens if you have sufficient and correct lighting and great ideas.

So, if you are interested in portrait photography, this workshop is for you.

First day we will cover:

  • How to find inspiration for a creative photoshoot and how to organise it

  • How to work with light

  • How to direct the model and what poses are the best

  • You will practice shooting with model and take away great pictures to add to your portfolio

  • Overall that would take us 3-3.5h.

Second day we will cover:

  • Editing in LightRoom/Camera Raw

  • Photoshop - skin clean up, frequency separation, dodge and burn

  • Liquify tool to correct any imperfections or shapes

  • Additional tools to add artistic look to the image

  • That will last for half a day.

For both days of the workshop you will receive a print copy of the theoretical part with all necessary information.

If you would like to find out more information please contact me.


Photoshop | Lightroom Lessons


Would you like to upgrade your skills in editing?

I'm offering private and group LR | PS lessons. Learn how to retouch your images to achieve professionalism and high-quality results.

Suitable for all levels of Photoshop users - from beginners who want to learn from basic retouching to professionals who want to learn tools to add an artistic touch to the images.

Lesson includes (but not limited):

  • Editing in LightRoom/Camera Raw

  • Editing in Photoshop - skin clean up, frequency separation, dodge and burn

  • Liquify tool to correct any imperfections or shapes

  • Image collages

  • Additional tools to add an artistic look to the image

Online or Offline Private lessons are available.  $400 (approx 4h)

Please contact me via email to book a lesson with me.

Group workshops will be scheduled and dates posted here.



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